Systems Developer

Period of Employment

6th June 2016 to 25th September 2016


Birmingham City University

Team / Department

Academic Services


Online Enrolment

Project Duration

July 2016 to August 2016

Project Summary

e:Vision implementation of student online enrolment

Project Details

I helped the team implement a new student portal for completing enrolment as well as viewing previously completed courses. I had four distinct roles:

Enrolment Summary Page

The summary page had two components:

In both cases, clicking on the course title would open a dialogue box listing details about that particular course.

The work described above required the creation of new CPGs, CONs, COPs and role groups (RGDs). Additionally, new SLPs and RQHs were created to output the current and previous academic years based on both the current date and the corresponding entries in AYR.


Process rewritten (mainly using SQL) to list appointment slots available and provide the means to book a place on a specific slot.

Student ID Cards

This was a TKT-based process, created for university administrative staff, that performed the following functions:

Additionally, several RQH / RQI records were created retrieve and update batches of students.

e:Vision Re-styling

Project Duration

June 2016

Project Summary

Editing of HTS / CSS / JS files following 9.1.0 upgrade

Project Details

Following the upgrade to 9.1.0, I was responsible for editing HTS, CSS and JS files to ensure e:Vision was following BCU branding guidelines, whilst incorporating critical Tribal updates.

This project was a delicate balancing act between three potentially conflicting areas:

  1. Maintaining BCU legacy code and existing functionality
  2. Re-styling all pages to ensure compliance with BCU branding guidelines
  3. Implementation of as many Tribal updates as possible, especially related to responsive design

Changes to HTS files were deliberately kept to a minimum, keeping to the latest Tribal versions were possible. New BCU style sheet was created to ensure brand compliance. A new jQuery script was implemented in order to resolve any remaining issues that could not be resolved by styling alone.

Curriculum Manager

Project Duration

Begun in June 2016

Project Summary

Responsible for fixing various issues encountered since go-live implementation, as well as implementation of ‘wish list’ developments.

Project Details

Curriculum Manager is a large and complex implementation of process manager, allowing support staff to create a new programme of study with the necessary means of supporting documentation and approval processes, all implemented via e-Vision.

I was responsible for tackling a long list of issues with the existing live implementation of Curriculum Manager as well as implementing a series of new developments required and also some items from a 'wish list' of desired functionality. Changes made:

 Mini projects

Not quite a full-blown project, a mini project is a significant piece of work scoped, tested and implemented using normal software development methodology. A mini project will typically be an improvement to a business process, introducing efficiencies and reducing complexity where possible.


Project Duration

July 2016

Project Summary

Resolution of issues with e:Vision clearing implementation

Project Details

At the time, BCU was one of only a handful of institutions using the new Tribal e:Vision clearing component, XCLR. I was responsible for assisting the team with both new developments and fixes to existing issues. Time-frames were very tight on account of the imminent beginning of clearing. Changes made: